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Thread: BURST command Error

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    Default BURST command Error

    I used to use this command quite frequently. Now when I do, it works to let me select objects. But when I commit to actuate the command I get the following:
    no function definition: VLAX-GET-ACAD-OBJECT

    The VL is loaded and I don't no why this would be outside the compiled hierarchy of ACAD. But something is going on.


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    Default Re: BURST command Error

    BURST is/was part of the express tools, do you have all of the express tools installed?
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    Default Re: BURST command Error

    Did anything change on your installation of AutoCAD? Did you get a new computer? New AutoCAD software? or did it just stop working? if it is the same hardware and software and it just stopped working you may want to try a repair or re-install the software. If yo uhave a new computer or new software make sure express Tools have been installed.
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