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Thread: Windows Update destabilized ACAD 2012?

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    Default Windows Update destabilized ACAD 2012?

    Has anyone else experienced a problem after Windows did this weekend's update, with their AutoCAD crashing?

    Windows Security Essentials did an update on Thursday night (3/13/14). My machine was running, but ACAD was closed.
    Out of office Friday, but Monday morning (3/17/14) my AutoCAD 2012 was REALLY REALLY slow to start. (We have the CAD files on the server, but the ACAD is installed locally on my machine.
    Now, ACAD simply refuses to operate properly.
    I copied a titleblock from an existing drawing into a new drawing from the architect, and as soon as I "pasteclip" into the new drawing, it locks up.
    I have to use Task Manager to close AutoCAD.
    This happened all day.
    HOWEVER, we suddenly got a telephone call from AUTODESK, to remind us that ACAD 2012 would no longer be supprted if we didn't upgrade before next month (April, 2014).

    Is it too much of a coincidence that Autodesk called today?
    Has anyone else had problems with Windows Update?
    I even restored back to before the update. No luck.

    What's the fix?

    I even tried to re-install ACAD 2012 from the factory disk, and it just indicated that ACAD 2012 was installed. Didn't give me the option of RE-installing the program, etc.

    Anyone else?

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    Default Re: Windows Update destabilized ACAD 2012?

    When I installed a newer version of AutoCAD it required an update of Windows Net version that the older version didn't like. You may have the same issue, have you looked for updates and hotfixes? If you're on subscription I'd recommend installing 2014 since 2015 will be out soon.

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    Default Re: Windows Update destabilized ACAD 2012?

    No coincidence, you're just on the list of people who they want to get upgraded. Revenue's down I hear, so phone calls are up. I've gotten a couple myself.

    From Control Panel, you should be able to use the Programs applet, select your AutoCAD install there, and chose to Repair. (Or Reinstall from there, but I'd try doing a Repair first)

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