Dear all

Pls kindly help me

I have 3 revit file. Let’s call them:
File 1(Unit)
File 2(Level)
File 3(Block)

File 1(Unit) is LINK INTO File 2(Level). File 1(Unit) is set to attachment under manage link.
Then I did some dimension in File 2(Level). Some of the dimensions are dimension to the element in File 1(Unit).
After that I link File2(Level) into File 3(Block). File 2(Level) is set to attachment as well. Then I go to VV, Revit link and change display setting to the correct plans which I dimension in File2(Level).
Now the thing is, all the dimension I did in File2(Level) is not showing up?

Below is the link of a similar problem but the poster managed to solve it. I swear I tried all that I know of and search everywhere but I still can’t find a solution.

even tried creating 3 simple file and tried many ways but still to no available.

I guess someone will ask why not do all the dimension in File3(Block)? It’s because File2(Level) is a typical level and I will be duplicating it so i would like better control by linking it. After that File3(Block) is going to be link into a overall site file. This overall site file is going to have many other blocks.

Hope someone can help me.