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Thread: Roof Planes--New versus Existing versus "modified" (cut)?

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    Default Roof Planes--New versus Existing versus "modified" (cut)?

    I am remodeling, and adding onto, a single-story, single-family residence. The client wants a completely new look for the roofline. First, I created a simple model of the as-built conditions and then set out to add new roof planes over the top of the existing. In some cases, it is necessary to remove an entire plane; but, for the most part I am removing pieces of a plane. In Revit, I do this by using the roof opening tool (even though the opening may extend to--an beyond--a roof edge). This allows me to "carve-up" the existing roof considerably--and, with great precision--as is necessary to work with the new roof.

    While this system works quite well, now, I need to be able to explain the new-versus-existing construction to a contractor so that he can understand and construct the resulting design. The question then is: How can I go about distinguishing New and Existing construction in a demolition drawing and a new drawing (or maybe a single, combined drawing)? Is there a way to show (shade, dash, etc.) the Revit Roof Openings as demolished construction?

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    Default Re: Roof Planes--New versus Existing versus "modified" (cut)?

    Assuming the pitch remains unchanged, many ways to do this.

    A. Copy the roof to clipboard, Demo the whole roof in next phase, paste into next phase, and reshape. Cleanup graphics with 2d work.

    B. Rather than the opening tool, which is not phase independent in Revit 2014, use an in-place void to demo parts of a roof

    C. Employ separate finish and structural roofs and apply A. to the finish roof and B. to the structural roof.

    D. Using parts tool hasn't been successful for me yet in reshaping remodels as quickly I can with the methods above, but I'm hopeful to discover that it can be.
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