Summary: When u set your upper limit default to the upper floor, it needs to stay on the upper floor when you place a new room, not default back to the lower floor

Description: When a place a room on level 00,and i set my upper limit for my room to be level 01 with a limit offset of -300 than it will be placed accordiantly.
But when i make a new room, it will set its properties in the upper limit to level 00 with a offset of +2700 (when my level 01 is on 3000).

The problem is that when i change the height of level 01, my unbounding height won't change in room 02 but it will change in room 01.

So why doesn't Revit remember the upper limit level and it's offset like i told it to do,

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Rooms

Submitted By: Arno de Lange on 04/07/2014