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Thread: Light fixture does not produce light in rendering

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    Default Light fixture does not produce light in rendering

    I've created a light fixture using the ceiling-based light fixture template. I have enclosed the light source within a three-dimensional ellipsoid glass shell. When loaded into my project and rendered with an interior: artificial only lighting scheme, all other lights in the project illuminate, except this new one. What am I missing?

    I just created a new project, loaded the new light fixture into it, and rendered it without a problem. It illuminates perfectly! What could be wrong with my current project that allows other light fixtures to illuminate, but not this one?

    Okay, I think I just found the problem. The glass material that I assigned to the light fixture while creating the family did not retain its transparency settings when I imported it into the project. In other words the glass material transparency settings were turned off. Once I turned them on, the light fixture illuminates!
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