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Thread: Profile becomes associated with two alignments

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    Default Profile becomes associated with two alignments

    I am trying to have two separate alignments to each have their own separate profile. The alignments are currently the same, but are if two different files (two people need to be working on them at the same time). I even made the alignments in one file "rail" while the others are just "centerline." There will be different files for each of the profiles, both having their respective alignments data referenced in. But when I go to add the data ref for one profile, it gets added to both. See the attached image. Is there some setting I'm missing? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Default Re: Profile becomes associated with two alignments

    Welcome to AUGI.

    Profiles, like Alignments, must have a unique name.

    Try removing your DREF's, both from the drawing, and the actual data shortcut, open the source drawing for the problem Centerline Alignment, rename the profile, and recreate your data shortcut, and subsequent DREF(s).

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