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Thread: Block with field attributes within a dynamic block conundrum

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    I've created my dynamic block and everything is working good except for 2 things.
    I want the block with field attributes within the dynamic block to be centered horizontally and vertically within the dynamic block.
    I have already tried the move action with the linear parameter at a .5 multiplier as well as the stretch action with the same multiplier
    as it was shown on
    Also, there will be multiple instances of this dynamic block in a drawing with varying sizes to cover different size areas of a floor plan.
    How can I have the attribute/field data update in those other instances instead of it looking at the first instance?

    Please note the block was created in ADT07 educational version so please do not copy or reference this block with/into any of your files or it will place a perminant water mark on the border of anything printed from that file.

    Here's a description of the block and how I would like it to work incase someone doesn't want to download my educational version of the dynamic block.

    The dynamic block is a 2'x2' polyline square with a 2' incremental stretch for the horizontal (length) and vertical (width) with the width having a limit of 20' and the length a limit of 324' with an associative hatch that makes a 2'x2' grid within the block when stretched.

    There are 2 lines on top of the of the polyline 1 from the lower left to upper left (for width (1a)) and 1 from lower left to lower right (for length(1b)) (for field object referencing)

    Within that dynamic block is a block with attributes for the part number (some invisible)
    example: MHFF_w_C_L_AA
    _w_=field that gets the object length of "1a" for width (format fractional for inches)
    _L_= field that gets the object length of "1b" for length (format fractional for inches)
    Invisible attributes using fields within the block (in a column below the part number):
    1. Area (length of "1a" multiplied by length of "1b")
    2. Price (14.73 multiplied by the object data value of the Area attribute) (price of 1sqft * area to (calculate the total cost))
    3. Weight (.0625 multiplied by the object data value of the Area attribute) (weight of 1sqft * area (to calculate the total cost))

    Im trying to get this working to show someone as an example of how much time/money/etc this could save by upgrading from AutoCAD 2002.
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