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Thread: Object Layers - How to utilized to the fullest?

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    Default Object Layers - How to utilized to the fullest?

    I am trying to get a better understanding of Object Layers so that I can make some improvements to our template file at my company.

    The template file that was created by an outside firm did not setup many of the Object Layers that can be used in Civil3D. Is this normal? Or should most of the objects be assigned to a layer?

    I understand that an Object Layer is a layer that all of a type of an object can be placed on. For example all TINNS can be placed on an object layer called OB-TOPO. The surface will be placed on that layer and then a style is used to control how the surface looks. If you have multiple surfaces you can freeze the OB-TOPO layer and all of the surfaces will be frozen, not ideal but just a way you can manipulate the drawings. You can also added multipliers to have separate layers created for each individual object as well.

    If what I read about layer 0 is correct. If you leave the object layer set to 0, the objects will be placed on the corresponding layer that is set up in the style. I don't think this is true and maybe I am not understanding how layer 0 works with object layers.

    But here is where I am not sure what to do. For items such as feature lines, which there are quite a few of them that are used, you can only assign one object layer for them.

    Do you use one object layer to place all of the feature lines on? Do you use a multiplier to break of the different feature lines? Should you leave this set to layer 0?

    Another area of concern is text that is enter is being placed on wrong layers. The labels that are added to the drawing are placed on current layer that is set which could be the wrong layer. Is this something that is controlled as well with the object layers? Do you have to set the text layer current before labeling?

    Any feedback is welcome on this subject. I am trying to improve how things are placed in C3D and just am looking to can a better understanding of the fundamentals of how object layers work and how they can be utilized to there fullest.
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    Default Re: Object Layers - How to utilized to the fullest?

    If the object layer is 0, then the object, alignment or whatever, is on layer 0, but the sub-elements (the alignment linework, markers, etc. ) are on the the layer defined in the style.

    I'll be interested in the other feedback you get -- especially what more experienced people think makes a best practive. (in particular i'm interested in best practices sharing with people who do not have c3d)
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