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Thread: Revit dimension help please

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    Default Revit dimension help please


    I am a beginner with revit, and experiencing trouble with dimensioning. While working on revit, the dimensions appear fine and work correctly. However when I go to print the file as a PDF, when I open the PDF, instead of showing as numbers
    the dimensions just appear as square boxes, and I can't seem to change this. When I press print preview, the dimensions show correctly, it is just in the PDF file. However, I have tried with another file of just a rectangular room, and the dimensions show fine, so I am obviously doing something wrong on this particular file. I have attached the PDF file with the boxes showing.
    Your help would be really greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks!
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    Default Re: Revit dimension help please

    Are you using a standard font for your dimensions that's available in adobe?

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