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Thread: Tips & Tricks Forum Guidelines.

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    Default Tips & Tricks Forum Guidelines.

    Thanks for checking out the AutoCAD Tips & Tricks forum. Hopefully you will find a tip or trick that will help in your daily use of AutoCAD or even just for a single project. If you have a tip/trick you think that might be useful, please post it in the forum. Even if you don't think it might be useful, post it any way. You never know, someones life could be made easier by it. We all need easier lives.

    Here are a couple of guidelines that I please ask that you follow when posting a tip/trick in the forum.

    • Only post tips/tricks to this forum.
    • Only one tip/trick per thread. If you have several tips/tricks, make a separate thread for each one. This will make it a lot easier for me to pick the tip of the month.
    • Please add what versions of AutoCAD you have tested the tip/trick on. If you try a tip/trick on a different version then what was stated by the poster of the tip/trick, let us know if it works or not.

    Also please rate a tip/trick that you found useful.

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