I am trying to write an expression so that I can take my point table and have the northing and eastings show in a label similar to how stations are formatted. i.e. N: 1546.56 would look like N: 15+46.56.

The project I am working on utilizes this grid system and has all kinds of stations shown for corners and such - so I cannot go to them and say you need to change your labels.

I am trying to keep the points dynamic, hence the use of an expression to help change the way the coordinates would format. It not as simple as truncating the numbers as I need to keep the third and fourth integer then show the rest of the number after a '+' sign.

Is there a way to find the third and fourth number, insert a plus symbol, and then add the rest of the numbers after the symbol? Would I need to create a long string of if-then statements for each multiple? - (if <1200, 12)(if<1300,13) etc...

Any help would be appreciated.