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Thread: ASD vs Autodesk Advance 2015 vs Graitec Advance 2014

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    Default ASD vs Autodesk Advance 2015 vs Graitec Advance 2014

    I'm interested in Advance Steel and Concrete , actually more in Concrete but ther is no spesific forum.
    I use Autodesk Structural Detailing 2014 but I'm very disappointed. The software has lots of bugs, unstable and do not provide sufficient functionality. And now I decided to try Advance concrete and Advance steel but not sure wich version. Are there significant differences between 2014 and 2015? I wonder - using Graitec CAD 2014 or using Advance 2015 on Autocad 2014.Make a parenthesis - hardware deficiency :

    CPU AMD Athlon(tm) 64 dual core - 2,2Ghz
    RAM 3 GB
    Display adapter - Nvidia GeForce 7600GT

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    Default Re: ASD vs Autodesk Advance 2015 vs Graitec Advance 2014

    I have to admit that I haven't noticed these advanced concrete and advanced steel products even exist. But by looking Adesk website I get feeling that maybe ASD is getting replaced by these two softwares.

    What's new says that Advances 2015 concrete will work on AutoCAD 2013-2015. Or to be exact, leaflet says 2015 new features but in text they write about 2014 version..

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