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Thread: how to save field format in block

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    Default how to save field format in block

    A question regarding field formats in (dynamic) blocks:

    I'm trying to make a dynamic block for room labeling. The block shows the room's name, height and area. The area is a field connected to a polyline, which gets automatically updated when the polyline changes size.
    I've used this method:

    It works fine, but copying the block to assign it to a new polyline (as described on the bottom of the page in the link) is very devious: For each room, after I've selected the polyline, I have to re-enter all additional format data to get the right precision, number separators, suffix, units, etc...

    Is there a way to 'freeze' the format, for example in 0.000,00m² ?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: how to save field format in block

    in addition to my question, the lisp found in this thread is very helpfull:
    It works even better then described aboven, but I still can't get the units right. I've managed to change the formula to square meters, but I'd like to have only two digits behind the comma and have a 'm²' suffix. I have no knowledge of lisp, can anyone point me in the right direction?

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