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Thread: Dual display for ACAD for MAC

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    Default Dual display for ACAD for MAC

    Is anyone using ACAD for MAC with a dual display? I am running it on a Macbook Pro and have a secondary 25" monitor attached. When I open a drawing I would like them to always open on the second (Larger) display when it is connected. Now it opens on the larger display but some of the menus open on the large display and some on the laptop display.
    The command line and the reference manager open on the lap top, the rest open on the second larger display.
    I can move them over, but I really would like all the menus to open on the larger display
    Any ideas? is there a setting I have wrong?
    --Randy Miller

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    Default Re: Dual display for ACAD for MAC

    You should be able to drag and drop the menus from one display to the other. That's how it works in my situation, which sounds similar.

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