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Thread: Cant apply node and bar loads in truss 2D design

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    Default Cant apply node and bar loads in truss 2D design

    Hi all To the point>

    After defining a truss shape, it's members and supports as well as dead and live load cases, I go on to define the loads to the live load case.

    Issue no1:

    The load definition for bars has the uniform, trapezoidal, uniform moment and bar force grayed out and they cant be selected. Only the bottom row witch contains dilation, thermal load, planar load and the deleting options are available.

    What am I missing?

    Issue no2:

    The problem is that after entering a value for node load (Fz=-15kN) => Add => apply to => 2to14 (the selected nodes) nothing happens...
    However it is possible to add the load to each point one at a time.

    Thx for sharing the knowledge

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    Default Re: Cant apply node and bar loads in truss 2D design

    Issue number 1:

    It's assumed that a truss member only supports loads applied in the nodes, not as distributed loads. That's the definition of a Truss.

    Issue number 2:

    Nothing happens because you have the visualization of loads turned off, I guess.

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