I am a lighting designer receiving an Architectural Revit model, dropping in our light fixtures, and then calculating room areas and fixture quantities for an energy calculation. I have three questions:

1. Room Area Calculations

How can we manipulate Revit to compute room areas? Ultimately, this information will be entered into COMcheck, however we do our own preliminary calculation before hand. How can I dictate how the room area calculation is computed? It is important to note that the areas must be computed by measuring to the center of interior walls and the exterior of perimeter walls. I am working as a Lighting Consultant and we are determining the allowable watts/sq.ft. on a room by room basis.

2. Limiting The Schedule

Can we create a schedule of these room areas for only the selected room areas in our scope of work? Generally, as a lighting designer, we receive an Architectural Revit model with more rooms than are in our scope. If I automatically generate a schedule of room areas, names, and numbers, Revit will do this for every room in the project. Is there a way to limit the number of rooms that the schedule displays? Can this be dictated by which rooms I "tag" with room tags?

3. Fixture Take Off

Can I assign a type or instance parameter to each light fixture I create and drop into my project that will correspond to the room that it lives in? I want to be able to generate a schedule with room names, numbers, and areas along with which lighting fixtures are in each room. This way I can enter this data into an energy calculation that will ultatemly be put into COMcheck. I am fairly certain this is possible, however I need some direction.

Thank you!