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Thread: Changing the style for AEC Objects to company Standards.

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    Default Changing the style for AEC Objects to company Standards.

    So not sure how advanced this or if any one can help me out here, but I'm trying to change the tag style on the AEC Callouts in AutoCAD Architecture 2013 so that when some one uses a tool off our company pallets, it'll comply with our standards. I've tried editing a copy of the DWG containing the styles for the callout and pointing the tool in that direction. But I get an error saying no tag exists and the command cannot complete.

    Not sure how clear any of this is or if I need to provide files/screen shots/whathaveyou. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Changing the style for AEC Objects to company Standards.

    If the tool on your tool palette originated in the ACA 2013 release, chances are it is a callout tool (rather than an old-style AEC Content tool). If that is the case, you (or, if the company palettes are locked down, your CAD Manager) should be able to edit the properties of the tool and have it reference your company's tags and a source file that has your company's tag defined therein. The source file has to have been saved after the tag was added. Assuming that multiple users at your firm need to access the same content, the source file should be saved to a location that is accessible to everyone (network folder, usually).
    David Koch

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