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Thread: Revit 2012 Sync and Compression takes 30 minutes

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    Default Revit 2012 Sync and Compression takes 30 minutes

    Ever since i got an upgraded computer at work my sync and compression takes around 30 minutes on our largest file. Our central file is located on a network drive and my local, as well as the local and program files, on a solid state drive on my end. The old computer that was standard hard drives took around 5 minutes at most. The file itself is around 550mb. What could be dragging down the compression process so bad??

    Also I've gotten a "Error 1327 Invalid Drive: N:\" error all of the sudden. I've looked up the error and this seems to only show up during install or uninstalls. The programs was working fine for about 2 months then one day I shut down the program during lunch time, tried to run it again and I get fatal errors each time. This error message shows up when I try to do a reinstall/repair or uninstall of the program. Any idea why a program that has worked fine for some time all of the sudden does this?


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    Default Re: Revit 2012 Sync and Compression takes 30 minutes

    It's difficult to diagnose not knowing the current status of your computer. Does your computer have an "N:" drive? If so, is it a network drive?

    The first thing to attempt is a CLEAN uninstall of the software. This is different from a regular uninstall.

    It could also be an issue related to your networking, drive letter pathing, even a bad sector on a hard drive. But if you do the above clean uninstall, you will do the most important first step... eliminate the software from the equation before you further examine the project files, network, and hardware.
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