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Thread: ACADE Symbol editor issue

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    Default ACADE Symbol editor issue

    Hello and good morning to all. I need to get the input of some of the ACADE experts out there. I am running ACADE 2014, have been for about a year now, with no major issues. My latest attempt to edit a symbol has me puzzled. I am attempting to add a wire connection to an existing symbol. Let me preface my issue with the following notes:

    1. My pathing for support files is valid and the required blocks (BB*.dwg) are in the defined support path (both local and on the network).

    2. I have not had issues in the past with being able to insert a wire connection.

    3. My direction/style header does not give me any existing options to select form in the left pane. None show up in the right side either.

    I have rebooted the computer twice, verified the path requirements, and can edit the files directly if I open them to edit. Is there anyone else who has run into this problem? I can add an attribute, however not any wire connections or pins.

    Thank you for taking thew time to review my post.


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    Default Re: ACADE Symbol editor issue

    Try directly entering the command, AESYMBLDEXECMD to see if you can add.

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