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Thread: Creating Rolled Curb Subassembly

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    Default Creating Rolled Curb Subassembly

    Hi Folks,

    Struggling to find clear steps on how to proceed here and hopeful someone might guide me. My goal is to create a subassembly that reflects a 30-inch, rolled curb and gutter. I've had no problem creating the subassembly, but am unsure how to define the necessary attributes (codes, links, shapes) such that it will be used properly in the ultimate assembly.

    Since I do not have the (apparently awesome) Subassembly Composer, I must go about it without the benefit of that tool.

    I believe what needs to happen next is to define the Top and Datum portions of the subassembly. If I'm right, it's not clear to me how to execute those steps.

    As you can see, I added a "Top" link using Modify Subassembly-->Add Code. I sort of stumbled through that and don't have much confidence that it's correct. I don't appear to have a way to verify it is what I want. Is there a way to visualize this link?


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