OK, I'm trying to migrate all our Lisp and VBA routines to VB.net and whenever I type something in VB.net like "acadselectionset" or "ThisDrawing.selectionset" the wavy red underline pops up. Of course, VB.net doesn't understand Autocad stuff, but the VBA code did. I didn't write the VBA programs, and the guy who did is no longer with the company, but I have a feeling there was a template of some sort he used to get the Autocad commands under stood in VBA.

I have the book "VB.net programming for Autocad customization" by Jerry Winters and I downloaded the latest stuff from his website, but the book says to install the stuff, and I don't know how to do that.

I guess my question is, how do I install whatever templates Jerry may have supplied? When I start a new project, the list of templates in the New Project command in VB.net doesn't see anything Autocad related. Likewise, I can't find anything on the web when I click "Click here to go online and find templates".

What to do? I'm confident that when I get over this stumbling block I can transfer all our programming to the VB.net, but I'm really having trouble with this.

Any ideas out there?