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Thread: Pressure Network API Documentation

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    Summary: Documentation for developing custom tools for Pressure Networks

    Description: It takes too much time to place the required fittings and pipes in the Civil 3D interface. I wish to have a command that converts multiple COGO points to a particular type of fitting in one go. My requirement stems from personal experience where we had to model a network (consisting of 14000+ pipes, 6000+ fittings and 2000+ appurtenances) and we used COGO points (which were imported from 2D layout and given elevation as per profile drawings) as snap targets. We created the network but the same work could be done much faster. I have programmers at the firm who work on Revit API and are willing to help me with Civil 3D API but without documentation its difficult.

    Some help is available at the link below but there is no data available for Pressure Networks.


    I hope some help is soon generated for this.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - API

    Submitted By: pushkar.waretwar783147 on 06/18/2019

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    Just add a reference to <InstallFolder>\C3D\AeccPressurePipesMgd.dll (among others) to your Visual Studio project; IntelliSense, F12 metadata and Object Browser are your friends.

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