I've seen certain posts with these items within the forums but nothing that is similar to my issue. I've got a project that has 3 phases with 3 seperate buildings on each phase. When I create the building pad in phase 1 it cuts the topo nicely. The problem stems from when I go into phase 2 and grade the surface to create a new topo in phase 2. This grading action puts the phase 1 topo to delete in phase 2 which causes the building pad created in phase 1 to be deleted.

The only way around I have found is to manually place the phase 1 topo to demo in phase 2 and copy paste phase 1 topo into phase 2 and create building pads in phase 2. The problem with this method is I cannot create cut/fill schedules. Has anybody else had similar issues and/or workarounds to fix?