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Thread: Qleader Spline displays as straight lines

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    Default Qleader Spline displays as straight lines

    I created a qleader as a "spline with arrow" (3 points) in one tab and it worked fine.
    I then copied and pasted this spline into another tab and it now displays as straight lines rather than a curve.
    The original leader still displays correctly though.
    The properties still state that it is a "spline with arrow".
    I have tried regenall, saving and restarting autocad 2015 and the issue still remains.
    If I create a new qleader in this tab, the issue remains, i.e. it says it is a spline, but displays as straight lines.

    Has anyone else seen this issue? or can anyone suggest a fix?


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    Default Re: Qleader Spline displays as straight lines

    Use MLeader instead, or delete the Qleader and recreate it instead of copying.

    by 'tab' do you mean drawing, or layout? If the firmer, look at the dimstyles in the destination drawing. Just realize that qleader is spmewhat obsolete and superseded by MLeader.
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    Default Re: Qleader Spline displays as straight lines

    Thanks for the reply,

    I had initially restarted autocad which had not fixed the problem, but after restarting my computer (overnight), the issue seems to have fixed itself.

    If it happens again, I will use MLeader instead.

    By tab, I refer to the layout tabs not separate drawings.

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