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Thread: Revit Warning: some panels in curtain system slightly malformed

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    Question Revit Warning: some panels in curtain system slightly malformed


    We have been cleaning the models for Warnings but there is one we are unable to sort.
    If you check the attached file you will find a sloped glazing family used as louvres with custom mullion profiles. The thing is that if we set the mullion total width to anything higher than 300mm lots of above mentioned Warnings are produced.

    I tried to use the system mullion profile and change the Width values but I get the same result. Anything beyond 300mm breaks the family.

    I have googled the web but found no one mentioning this occurrence in their projects. The warning mentions that it might be ignored but the thing is that the panels being generated are not correct so, from a model quality point of view, these are better off being fixed. Not just ignored.

    We are really trying to clean up the model from warnings and this situation alone generates lots of them as this system is used in being used in other parts of the building.

    How would you guys solve this?

    Many thanks for the help.
    Malformed Panels.zipMalformed

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    Default Re: Revit Warning: some panels in curtain system slightly malformed

    In both files, I see the warning, but it is applied to Empty System Panels, so they don't even show up. I agree that it would be good from model quality pov, but they are not even objects. That said, my conjecture is that they are malformed because the mullions overlap each other. The spacing between grid lines is ~578mm, so the minute you make the mullion profile wider than half that (slightly more than half because of the angle), the panel in between has zero dimension. With the design you have, I'm not sure you can get rid of this warning. Having only looked at this a few minutes, I suspect you have two options: 1) Ignore the warnings or 2) find another way to model these louvers that doesn't require sloped glazing system (or curtain wall system).

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