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Thread: autocad architecture design content browser not dragging over designs

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    Default autocad architecture design content browser not dragging over designs

    i am new to this forum and used the correct prefix 2014. I am worried I am posting this in the wrong place. When I use autocad archetecture, and use the doors tool,
    at the bottom it asks if I want to select more doors and when clicked a dialog is presented with more doors. when I click the home icon, and
    am given the design catalog, i then on the right I go to the doors and windows assembly. I try to select the door that I want and it doesn't work.
    I am doing it right. left clicking and waiting for the teardrop to fill then dragging it on screen where a little square box appears and when you add it
    to your wallls it is supposed to show there. well I just get the crosshairs when I drag over a design. any design. can someone help me to fix this problem. Ty

    p.s. - I am getting an error when I use the content browser. (c:\users\michael\documents\ACA cannot be loaded or is in the incorrect file format).
    I went to the file and the ext. is Autodesk content browser library.cbl. is this the correct format and why won't it allow me to use it to create my drawings. any help
    would be expressly appreciated. TY in advance, Mike B.
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