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Thread: Enhanced Attribute Editor

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    Default Enhanced Attribute Editor

    Summary: I would like to see the Enhanced Attribute Editor Dialog Box as one window with all data fields available (like the properties palette), not one window with 3 tabs...(Attribute Tab, Text Options Tab, Properties Tab)

    Description: It is fairly aggravating and time consuming having to remove my hand from the keyboard, apply to mouse, click, move hand back to keyboard, type, apply hand to mouse, click, back to keyboard, type and so on and so forth. I would like ONE dialog box, with the info from all 3 tabs, in one finely tuned, well built, primed and polished dialog box.

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    Submitted By: Todd Schenbeck on 10/08/2014

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    Default Re: Enhanced Attribute Editor

    I'll admit, I'm having a hard time picturing that. Could you post a picture with a mock-up?
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    Default Re: Enhanced Attribute Editor

    You don't need the mouse.
    Use the TAB key 'till "Attribute" is highlighted then use the right-arrow key.

    I would not like this change as I rarely want to use the other two tabs and the properties palette slider is too narrow for easy use.
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