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Thread: Unable to offset a spline the has already been offset.

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    Default Unable to offset a spline the has already been offset.

    I seems that I always have a hard time working with splines in inventor. I have a spline set as reference. I offset such spline 0.25". Now I need to see another spline form the spline at 0.25" and inventor will not let me select it unless I convert it into a poly-line in which case the spline loosed its shape.

    Is this typical of inventor? How can I work around this? I don't want to go back to Rhino..

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    Default Re: Unable to offset a spline the has already been offset.

    I am not sure I understand.
    Is it like this:
    You have Spline A set as a reference and do an offset from A to a new spline B.
    Now you want to offset Spline B?

    Couldn't you just offset spline A again and set the distance to 0,5''? Or dimension it 0,25'' from Spline B.

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