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Thread: Reference System Style (MAPLOADGRIDSTYLE)

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    Default Reference System Style (MAPLOADGRIDSTYLE)


    I have not been able to find any documentation for the XML files you load with the MAPLOADGRIDSTYLE command. Some of the tags in the XML are obvious, some are not.

    These are some of the XML tags in the file:

    <Id>PrimaryTicks</Id> = specify the primary ticks (not necessarily equals in spacing to Primary Grid).
    <Id>PrimaryGrid</Id> = specify the grid lines (actual reference lines that cross the drawing)

    <CoordinateIncrement> = spacing for ticks or grid lines<Units>ByCS</Units> = UTM or Degrees (or by current CS)
    <Northing>100</Northing> = Y spacing between ticks or grid lines
    <Easting>100</Easting> = X spacing between ticks or grid lines

    <LineStyle> = set line graphics parameters
    <Linetype>Solid</Linetype> = AutoCAD line type name for ticks/gridlines
    <Lineweight>10</Lineweight> = line weigth name for ticks/gridlines
    <Color>ff000000</Color> = hexadecimal color for the graphic

    <TextStyle> = set text parameters (labels)
    <Font>Arial</Font> = font!
    <Height>0.15</Height> = text height (scalable?)
    <Color>ff000000</Color> = hexadecimal color

    1) Does anyone know how to format the number so it does not show any trailing zeros? For example UTM coordinate 1234.000 in comparison to 1234 just looks terrible!

    2) Is there a way to align the labels so the coordinate show over the grid line and aligned? Or does it only shows outside of the viewport? This 1234​ not this 1234-----.


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    Default Re: Reference System Style (MAPLOADGRIDSTYLE)

    Same problem here.

    The instructions on suggest to change the length precision to 0 in the UNITS command, which I have done, however the the coordinates are still displayed with six zeros at the end.

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