Summary: Ability to track, manage and display sheets issued without revision in revisions column.

Description: There are times when sheets must be issued as part of a revision package or multiple bid sets, etc. that do not contain revisions, and are not clouded or tagged. These sheets need to identified in the revisions block as included in the package, without modifying the current revision number assigned.

Examples are: "Issued for Reference Only", "Issued for Permit Application" or "Re-issued without Revision" when drawings are issued as part of a series of bid packages or series of regulatory applications.

Sheet properties should have a parameter that identifies "Include with Revisions" and "Include without Revisions" that triggers the Current Revision Number. Drawings issued as "Include without Revision" should be able to be listed in the revisions schedule, appear in the revisions column of a titleblock with the same revision title as drawings that are clouded and tagged..

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Annotation Tools

Submitted By: James Shomper Jr. on 10/22/2014