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    Default Point Style

    In the point style under the Display tab there are two components 1. Marker & 2. label

    The first component "Marker" is obviously for designating the layer for the point

    The 2nd component "label" is confusing me. I manage the label under Label Styles.

    What does the Label component in the Point Style under the display tab manage?

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    Default Re: Point Style

    Quote Originally Posted by tim_newsome View Post
    What does the Label component in the Point Style under the display tab manage?
    Typically, it manages confusion.

    When you place a point, it is assigned a layer. This may be designated in your Description Key Set or assumes the current layer. Now as you have mentioned, in the Style for this point, you are allowed to assign the layer for the two components (marker & label).

    To test this, start with a blank drawing and place a point. Assign this point your desired style. Now explode the point. You would now have just a block in which the marker and label are included. To access the two components separately, explode this block once more.

    Now, select the marker. You should notice the marker is on the assigned layer as specified in the Point Style. The label is on the layer as assigned, as well.

    If you explode the label one more time, you should now see the layer is as specified in the Point Label Style.

    Why Autodesk chose to set this up in this fashion, I have yet to figure out. Of course, I have not spent a lot of time pondering such issues.

    I hope this helps.
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