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Thread: Ambient Occlusion cutout map

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    Default Ambient Occlusion cutout map

    Can anyone help with a problem I've been trying to solve? This is what I am trying to do for this example,

    I have a sphere with a reflective material in which I want it to display reflections of the environment (which will be mapped onto a bigger sphere with only reflections enabled)

    I am using a skylight, with the same environment map plugged in for color, and an mr omni for more softer shadows.

    Now I want to display a shadow below the sphere, so I am using a plane with an AO map plugged in as a cutout.

    It renders fine when I render without the sphere I am using for the skydome reflections, but as soon as I add this in, the plane for my AO shadow is fully visible.

    I want just the shadow, the reflections and of course the white background. I hope this makes sense!


    (see pictures)
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