Hello all! We are using Plant Design Suite for our utility piping design for a large part of our business. We also have architects, mechanical & electrical engineers using Revit for the facility design of the infrastructure around the processing line. The two programs, Plant Design 3D & Revit, do not collaborate well. There are many steps to import the Plant Design model into Revit so that the Revit designers can do their design. And the integration of the PD model is static not dynamic so that the PD model has to be re-imported into the Revit model daily. Likewise with the Revit model into the PD model; the Revit model has to export its model to an AutoCAD format and be attached to the PD model.

Navisworks makes a great tool for integrating the models but it is a 3rd software. It does not solve the problem of the live model integration.

Does anyone have this problem with Plant Design and Revit and what solutions are there to make this work better?

Is anyone aware of what, if anything AutoDesk is doing to correct this problem now or in the future? Thank you.