On a titleblock that contains a Revision Schedule. With each numeric revision added to the Revision Schedule...a new numbered line is added to the titleblock (revision schedule).

I would like the Revision number on the titleblock to be within a triangle - similar to Revision Cloud Tags on views/sheets.

  • I only want the triangle to show up on the loaded titleblock when there is an actual Revision line entered in the Revision Schedule.
  • I do not want the the titleblock to have a series of empty triangles (basic graphic lines) placed "on top" of the Revision Schedule.
  • I don't want to add a triangle to the titleblock with each subsequent revision - I know this is the easiest way.

I know this is frivolous, and can be easily accomplished by modifying the titleblock graphically with each revision, BUT....

This is more of a curious challenge question. It seems the answer may be a if/then type statement - more than a visibility yes/no solution.

I want it to be automatic and more important I want to know how this type of operation (or something similar) can be executed.