Tearing my hair out over this. My receptacles seem to get added to to the panel without any problem and identified. I thought all of my lights were having problems but two of them were ok. Here's the basic plan as of now:

When I attempt to add the ceiling fan (in blue), the recessed lights (yellow) or the sconce light (red) individually to the panel I get the following error:

Ideally I'd like the fan, recessed lights and sconce light in the stairway on the same circuit.

Here are the panel's connector properties:

Voltage definitions:

Distribution Systems:

Connector properties for the individual families and my system browser in the next post.

I'd really like to learn how to put together simple electrical layouts like this. It's getting very confusing. I've done this in the past by simply using text to identify circuit ID's and creating panel schedules out of detail lines and text. I'd love to be able to have one generated automatically. What am I missing?