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Thread: Session 4: Maximizing your Schedules Potential

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    Default Session 4: Maximizing your Schedules Potential

    Instructors: Ken Marcus, RFI Consultants Inc. with David Banyard, Modulus Consulting

    Class Description: This class will teach students how to build use schedules for more then just counting building components. During this class, we will show students how to develop an Occupancy Schedule that uses a Key Schedule to select room use types that determine Occupancy load numbers. Students will develop a key schedule that used integer-based values, then run formulas that will determine room occupancy, load factors and number of exits. Students will learn to build formulas, calculated values, and parameters so that calculated values will be run in the schedule. Occupancy tags will be created using shared parameters that will used in the schedule Occupancy numbers can be shown in a room tag. Also, we will cover how to round up in formula properly, mix and match different parameter types (area and integer), check if a calculated value matches a equivalent manual value in a tag to eliminate potential errors, and highlight errors for easy detection.

    Part 2 of this class will develop a schedule, which users can use for keynoting and general notes. These schedules are based on using an annotation family that is placed into the project. Two different families will be created for each schedule type.

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