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Thread: Session 7, Part B: Revit Collaboration & a "One Model" Case Study

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    Default Session 7, Part B: Revit Collaboration & a "One Model" Case Study

    Instructors: Chris Price, Cadway Projects

    Class Description: Revit multi-discipline and interoffice collaboration is becoming more and more common in the industry. So what are the tricks to getting it all to work seamlessly? I will be addressing the various issues you will face, best practices as well as the different ways to achieve a successful outcome.

    • Revit Server
    • Copy/Monitor
    • Coordination Review
    • Linking / Coordinates
    • File Exchange
    • Communication Methods

    Then we'll progress onto the "utopian" one model solution where all consultants are working in a single file. Can the API provide a solution?

    We hope so!!

    • API
    • Revit 2012
    • Project/Template Setup

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