I'm having troubles with 2 things:
1. my referenced corridor section won't automatically update in my cross sections which are in a different ACAD file to help with file size. Is there any way to keep all of this dynamic? It shows it's sampling my corridor surface reference in the sample lines group properties, but I have to redo the cross sections in order for this to show up.
2. This goes hand in hand with #1, when I delete the cross sections and try to recreate them the program crashes. The only solution I know of is to delete the sample line group it's using and start over.

Any suggestions? I'm running Civil 3D 2014 and am using separate files for my design work (alignments, profiles and corridor for this small job...usually I have corridor in separate file) and cross sections have data referenced alignments, surfaces and corridor is recognized through the design file being referenced.

Thank you!