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Thread: AU114-2: Creating and Editing 3D Solids, Surfaces, and Meshes in AutoCAD

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    Default AU114-2: Creating and Editing 3D Solids, Surfaces, and Meshes in AutoCAD

    Instructor: J.C. Malitzke

    Class Description: This PowerTrack class offers AutoCAD 3D users a chance to explore the new AutoCAD 2010 3D features, as well as tried and true 3D modeling techniques. Existing tools for 3D solid and surface model creation will accelerate your design workflow! New AutoCAD 2010 mesh modeling tools will enhance your free-form designs. Learn new techniques in AutoCAD 2010, as well as tried and true techniques that will supersede your old-school techniques, and develop an understanding of 3D conceptual design. We’ll explore the fundamental uses of the User Coordinate System (UCS) flexibility, Sweeps, Lofts, PressPull, Helix, Solids, Surfaces, Meshes, and Gizmos for editing. If you used AutoCAD 3D in the past, attend this session and get ready to be surprised!
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