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Thread: CM318-4: CAD Manager's Training, Standards, and Productivity Guide

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    Default CM318-4: CAD Manager's Training, Standards, and Productivity Guide

    Instructor: Robert Green

    Class Description: Are you responsible for training your CAD users but feel overwhelmed by the task? Are you stymied by the problems associated with enforcing CAD standards? Does your management expect you to make your users more productive? In this session, we’ll cover some strategies for combining standards enforcement with an in-house training program to solve all three problems at once while keeping your budget under control. We’ll start by building your company training program via efficiency analysis, then move into creating effective training materials and give you some ideas for becoming a better instructor. Next we’ll talk about turning your training program into your standards program by using your own written and video files to build a virtual resource library. As we go along we’ll pay close attention to keeping training costs down and lowering support costs so your management team will approve your training/standards plan. If you’re responsible for creating a standards or training program, you can’t afford to miss this session!

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