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Thread: UT114-1: Using AutoCAD

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    Default UT114-1: Using AutoCAD

    Instructor: Ron Couillard

    Class Description: Do you have an S.U.V.? If you have AutoCAD Map 3D 2010, you do! Okay, let’s clarify that. S.U.V. in this case stands for “Software Utility Vehicle”. With AutoCAD Map 3D, there are many tasks that can be performed for the utility industry. Some of these tasks are made possible by downloads from the Autodesk Subscription website. For example, there are Electric, Water, and Wastewater toolkits available that can assist users in these industries. This class will cover the use of these toolkits. In addition, we will cover two specific utility scenarios: 1. fire hydrant maintenance, and 2. water main replacement and customer notification. Subtasks in these two scenarios include database linking and updating in Microsoft® Access® and Excel®, notification letter production with Microsoft® Word®, and DWF™ Map production for use in a field environment on a machine that may not have AutoCAD. The techniques used in this class can be applied to more than just utility applications, so let’s get that S.U.V. running to it’s maximum potential!
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