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Thread: UT214-1: Spatial Analysis in a CAD-Driven GIS

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    Default UT214-1: Spatial Analysis in a CAD-Driven GIS

    Instructor: Tim Jones

    Class Description: Telephone companies share many of the same challenges in GIS and record keeping as other utilities and government agencies. Ponderosa Telephone has been using GIS since the mid-1990's. In 2003, they implemented an end-to-end technology-integrated GIS using AutoCAD® Map 3D with GeoExplorer®. This solution has had great results, such as increasing the efficiency of posting work orders to base maps, as well as being able to do true GIS analysis in a CAD environment. Ponderosa hopes to build on its existing GIS by moving to a central spatial-enabled database in order to further streamline processes and expand their GIS to the web. Tim Jones, GIS Supervisor at Ponderosa Telephone, shares his story.
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