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Thread: UT104-1: Bringing Mobile Field Updates into AutoCAD

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    Default UT104-1: Bringing Mobile Field Updates into AutoCAD

    Instructor: Glenn Vlass

    Class Description: Today, more and more utilities/telecoms are deploying mobile solutions and are often tasked to “do more with less”. Meeting the needs of both the field and office personnel can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to bringing the mobile field updates back into AutoCAD Map 3D. In this class, typical problems will be discussed along with best practices of how other companies have gone about solving this problem. This presentation will explore the requirements to efficiently collect asset management data using Map 3D and CartoPac Mobile along with how to define a data workflow and understand how data is to be moved between AutoCAD Map 3D and CartoPac Mobile. This presentation will help you understand key issues and determine how to plan for a mobile implementation. Already have a mobile application in the field? Learn best practices, improve your efficiency, and increase your ROI.
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