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    Default UT222-1: Autodesk

    Instructor: Brett Hauf

    Class Description: In 2008, we presented and demonstrated our Phase 1 pilot implementation of Autodesk® Utility Design (AUD). Based on the successful findings of our pilot, we chose to expand from simple residential design to full URD, automate work package forms, automate trench callouts, and automate equipment detail drawings. This session will present the approach that APS chose to develop and deploy our next phase of Autodesk Utility Design. We will review the lessons from Phase 1; discuss how the effort required increased as the scope and complexity increased; walk through the challenges and the creativity employed during development of the configuration and logic files; and review our test protocol. We will discuss and demonstrate new features and cool tools that have significantly reduced the design labor hours to produce our URD job sketches, work order packages, and improve data integrity for URD work. We will present our updated road map for additional development and implementation at APS.
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