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Thread: FM214-1: From Lonely BIM to Social BIM: Moving Beyond Design to FM

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    Default FM214-1: From Lonely BIM to Social BIM: Moving Beyond Design to FM

    Instructor: Sean Benson with Fulton Hartzog

    Class Description: The goals of reducing costs and increasing communication over the building lifecycle dictate that we move from "lonely BIM"—where building designers share "models" but act alone—to "social BIM"—where information created during "modeling" is shared with and maintained by the larger teams that finance, build, and operate buildings. The transition involves giving up ego, authorship, ownership, and preconceptions, and in sharing and receiving information in new ways. In this session, we use the collaborative Web environment of ARCHIBUS® to connect Autodesk® Revit® models to interfaces for space planning, moves, project management, life-safety information, and equipment maintenance. In doing so, we move beyond design to true lifecycle management.
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