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Thread: AB304-3: Chaos: Multidiscipline, Multi-Firm, Multi-Location Autodesk

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    Default AB304-3: Chaos: Multidiscipline, Multi-Firm, Multi-Location Autodesk

    Instructors: Elizabeth Raycroft with Eric Kuszewski, Eric Mitchell

    Class Description: It is no secret that BIM technology is revolutionizing the way that the A/E/C community designs and documents. As the industry and technology moves forward, an increasing number of firms (of all sizes, disciplines, and geographic locations) have joined in the movement towards BIM. This course will expose the successes and pitfalls of large, multidiscipline, multi-firm projects and offer guidance and methods for project coordination. A panel of architectural, interior, MEP, and structural team members will elaborate on the issues and considerations of working on a complex 300,000 sq ft tower, while all utilizing Revit from different geographic locations and even different firms. Join in as we discuss the method to our madness and offer guidance on how to survive your own “project chaos”.
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