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Thread: CP322-2: Generate DWG, DWF and Raster from FDO and Autodesk Mapguide Open Source

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    Default CP322-2: Generate DWG, DWF and Raster from FDO and Autodesk Mapguide Open Source

    Instructor: Clayton Hotson

    Class Description: Mapguide is an incredibly powerful tool for visualizing your data. What is more amazing is the fact that it is Open Source. From deep within the internals of Mapguide, you find building blocks that are free to use to produce beautifully stylized graphics for data stored in any FDO source (Oracle®, SHP, SDF, Topobase&trade, for rendering to just about any form you require. This class demonstrates how we can use Mapguide building blocks to produce custom tools for generating graphics stylized to suit your own data. The specific output formats demonstrated in the class are DWF, Raster (JPG, TIFF, etc.) and DWG. To produce DWF and Raster, we use tools directly provided witin the Mapguide source. To produce DWG, the class demonstrates how to extend the Mapguide framework for formats not immediately supported by Mapguide.

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