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Thread: CP114-4: Good Habits for Code in Visual LISP

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    Default CP114-4: Good Habits for Code in Visual LISP

    Instructor: R. Robert Bell

    Class Description: The power of AutoCAD® lies in its customization capabilities. Visual LISP is a powerful tool for expanding your options. Unhappily, it is easy to have a “scattershot” approach to the way you write code. This course will broaden your horizons regarding good coding practice. You will learn the importance of writing modular code. You will see how to identify portions of code that belong to subroutines and avoid the trap of monolithic applications. Toolbox routines for your own code are important for reducing the time spent writing the overall application. Some extremely useful toolbox routines will be discussed. Bring your own ideas for toolbox routines and we will discuss them.
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