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Thread: CP118-1: Adding Settings to the AutoCAD Options Dialog with VB.NET

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    Default CP118-1: Adding Settings to the AutoCAD Options Dialog with VB.NET

    Instructor: Mike Tuersley

    Class Description: Almost every program has default or user settings such as folder locations, printing devices, color, or font settings. The question is how and where to let the user change them when needed. The solution is simple: place them with settings in AutoCAD by adding a tab for your program to the Options dialog box. Now the information is in a central location that is easy to modify and familiar to the CAD user. This session will show the .NET programmer how to add a tab to the Options dialog and where to store the information, including the pros and cons for each possibility. Storage options covered are the registry, AutoCAD or application configuration file, as well as a custom XML configuration file. Two of the subtopics shown will be how to serialize and deserialize XML data.
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